Total shares savings as at date 6 billion.
Total balance sheet as at date 9 billion.
Total membership as at date about 8,000 members and still growing.
Total labor force of about 40 staff.


The mission of this Credit Union is to continuously develop and improve the livelihood of its co-operators and their communities through the provision of proximate and efficient micro-finance and cooperative services.


To continuously give our members the deserved returns on their investment with us by paying best interest rates on savings in CamCCUL Network.


Besides upholding the objective of “not for profit” as other Co-operative Credit Unions, Mitanyen Cooperative Credit Union Ltd also has the following objectives;

  • To encourage its members to make regular savings by providing them with possibilities of investing their money.
  • To provide members with loans for purposes of providence or production or both..
  • To foster the economic and social interest of its members.
  • To ensure the progress of its members by educating them continuously on the proper use of money.
  • To offer to members complementary savings, credit and financial services as stipulated by the bye-laws.
  • To provide credit union services such as risk management, checking system, education, training, salary payments and any other services deem necessary to its members objectives.

Financing of petrol station (Goshen)
Financing of Contracts (Road Construction)
Financing of agricultural activities
Financing of other petty traders (bakery, etc)


Board of Directors 

They are elected by the General Assembly to legally represent the credit union in its relation with members and third parties.

  • Barrister Muluh Stanly
  • Akewo Samuel Fonkam
  • Barrister Sama Daniel Mokom
  • Tita Augustine Penn
  • Ntambo Elizabeth
  • Ken Akumanga Joseph

Barrister Muluh Stanly (Since 2013).
Past Presidents
1 Ndoh Jeremiah Penn (2008 – 2012)
2 Ntambo Martyn Payne (2005 – 2007)
3 Barrister Fet Sama Aloysius (2003 to 2004)
4 Late Pa Moses Nchang Ngwafor (2000 to 2002)

Present Manager

Mr. Achu Celestine Awa (Since 2013) (General Manager)

Past Bookkeeper

Mr. Ndiforwah Ngwafor Aaron (2000 to 2013) (Senior Book Keep)

The Supervisory Board (three persons)

The Chairperson, the Secretary and a member. They are charged with the responsibilities of a watch dog of the credit union.

There is also the Women Committee elected by the General Assembly charged with the responsibility of educating especially the women fold to join the credit union.

There is the Youth Committee elected by the general assembly charged with the responsibility of educating especially the Youths to join the credit union.


History (Historical Setting)

The foundation of MitaCCUL still takes its roots from the creation of the first ever credit union in Cameroon (Njinikom Cooperative Credit Union Ltd) by Rev. Father Anthony Jansen in 1963. To be more precise, the creation of this giant credit union – MitaCCUL started in the form of discussion groups sometime in the late 90’s. These discussions were spear-headed by the Pinyin Continue reading “About”



  • Located in Bamenda, Cameroon

Sonac Street Opposite Former Regional Treasury

P.O. Box 205 Bamenda, Cameroon

Tel/Fax: +237 233 362 437

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