How to become a member;


  • Fill your membership form in any of our branches or the online membership form and submit.
  • A photocopy of your National Identity Card or passport is required.
  • Two passport size photographs are required.
  • The signature card is also gotten from the office or website completed, then scanned and submitted.
  • The membership register is also completed and signed.
  • Buy at least 20 shares of 1,000 fcfa per share at the start and move progressively to 75 shares at 1,000 fcfa per share.
  • Pay a building contribution of 10,000fcfa.
  • For a minor account, you are required to submit a photocopy of the child’s birth certificate.

For a group account, the following are required in addition to the above formalities;

  • An extract of the minutes of the group’s meeting indicating the decision to open an account.
  • Copies of the National Identity cards of all signatories.
  • The number of signatories to the account must be included on the signature card indicating the condition for withdrawals.
  • Two passport size photograh each are required.
  • Articles of association of the group is required.
  • Certificate of incorporation of the group is required.

Benefits of membership

  • Member meager savings are reserved for the rainy days.
  • Interest paid on the savings is encouraging.
  • Dividends are also paid on shares but credited to the member’s savings since members must have equal shares.
  • Members projects are being financed.
  • Funds mobilized from member’s with adequate liquidity are in turn given to needy members as loans.
  • Loan interest is encouraging.
  • Members also gain free financial counseling.


  1. Fru Ezekiel - Reply

    What kinds of savings accounts do you offer?,
    And in case of deposit accounts how long before the savings can be retrieved?

    • MitaCCUL - Reply

      we offer three types of accounts, Savings, deposit, and shares which is further broken down into preference share.
      with the savings account, we help you make strong savings decisions thus withdrawal from this account is upon notification.
      The deposit account, on the other hand, is a current account where you can withdraw without notification.
      Shares account is the account that makes you a member and a shareholder in the credit union

  2. Cho Oliver - Reply

    Good day.. Just wish to enquire if the shares per member are capped at 75 shares.? … And also to know how to get the preference shares option?

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